REFLEXION – In Sync / Out of Sync – Installation & Performance

REFLEXION In Sync / Out of Sync is a real-time light and sound installation consisting of electroluminescent (EL) wires a

LEIKHĒN – Installation

Inspired by the composite plant of lichen (from Greek: leikhēn), which is the result of a hybrid partnership between a fungus

MINDSCAPE – Performance & Installation

For WEB-MINDSCAPE (please scroll down)  MINDSCAPE  is a metaphor of what we are becoming in this digital era. Like m

SKIN Performance

SKIN is an interactive performance, in which the artist interacts with sounds and images using the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response

SKIN – Installation

2012/14 Romania/NYC Tailor’s tower Cluj-Napoca, HARVESTWORKS Gallery New York City, Di Digitale Duesseldorf, Miami New


In Là-bas… (There…) the artist Claudia Robles-Angel provides an installation focussing on the transition from light to da

Acousmatic & Audiovisual Compositions

Acousmatic Compositions quadrophonic (4.1) and octophonic (8.1) GLOCKENWELT WANDERING IN MORELIA BLOSSOMS Podcast – RADI


Performances and installations using biomedical signals.   


Overview of my installations utilising diverse elements such as: light spots, light wires, video, 16 mm film and phosphorescen