Interactive Performance for 3 Butoh dancers, EMG sensors, Video and Surround Sound

Première: Kubus. ZKM -Center for Art and Media

Butoh, a modern expressive dance-form developed in Japan in the 1960s, describes the cycle of birth, life and death. This is also a central theme in Claudia Robles’ artistic work. She works with improvisation, experimentation with time, space, rhythm, dynamics and form. In »SEED/TREE« feelings, associations, mental images and spontaneous impulses are the starting point for the creation of stories, games, and choreography.

The breathing and heartbeat of two of the performers produce a sound that is continuously modified by the muscular tension of a third dancer. The movements of the audience in the room also influence the video projections. The results are instantaneous creations, expressions of the moment, with image, movement and music forming living signs in space.

Related research articles:

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Sarah Baumert, Maggie Bergeron, Jay Elfring, Tejo Janssen, Nora Jenneman, Tomaso Marchi, Tobias Schmalfuß und Hubert Weiss.

ZKM Zentrum für Kunst u. Medientechnologie

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