HINEIN (inwards) is an invitation to travel inside the world of natural microstructures, combining subtle sounds and extreme close-up images of diverse natural surfaces whose micro-dimensions are not perceived in our daily life. Both visual and auditory layers of the composition suggest the idea of a tactile/haptic feeling, inviting the audience to use their eyes/ears also to feel and not only to see/listen to, based on the following words by French philosopher Deleuze: ‘Where there is close vision, space is not visual, or rather the eye itself has a haptic, non optical function: no line separates earth from sky, which are of the same substance; there is neither horizon nor background nor perspective nor limit nor outline or form nor center; there is no intermediary distance, or all distance is intermediary.’

HINEIN (inwards) from Claudia Robles-Angel on Vimeo.


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