SKIN – Installation

2012/14 Romania/NYC

Tailor’s tower Cluj-Napoca, HARVESTWORKS Gallery New York City, Di Digitale Duesseldorf, Miami New Media Festival, Neues Kunstforum Cologne, ICMC Utrecht, CMMR Plymouth.

SKIN -Installation from Claudia Robles-Angel on Vimeo.

SKIN is an interactive installation, in which visitors have the opportunity to use a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) interface, which measures their skin’s moisture. The variations of these values are an indication of psychological or physiological arousal, such as for example appearance of stress or relaxation. The values received from the GSR are further transmitted to a computer in order to transform the sound and the images of the interactive space. Visitors are therefore invited to participate in order to make an impact on the audiovisual environment through their own emotions and physiological reactions.

The installation presented at Harvestworks in NYC was an extended (octophonic) version of the original, which was conceived and developed during an artist in residence invitation by the 2580 Association in Romania (Cluj-Naopca) during the “Liquid spaces – dynamic models of space in art and technology, organised by 2580 Association

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