2010 Germany

Première: Kölner Musiknacht

Wooden Worlds is a multimedia performance, which is developed from the several different sound and visual layers, which interact with each other in real-time. Together they create an atmospheric constellation.

The attention of the audience is challenged by the piece’s sounds and visual elements, which are not recognizable at first sight in most of the cases. The viola acts as an element of accretion and mergence between the elements with musical passages, some of which are composed in detail and some other, which are more of an
improvised nature.

The real-time interaction (sound processing, viola live-electronics and viola real-time manipulation of video) is produced by two laptops running MAX/MSP/Jitter, which are connected with each other via Ethernet.

This performance is a a collaborative project with the composer Javier Garavaglia.



Re-New Festival 2011 Copenhagen

Live!iXEM 2011 Palermo

Kölner Musiknacht

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