2007 Luxembourg/Romania

European Capitals of the Culture: Luxembourg – Sibiu

« …. and in his dreams now cities light as kites appear, pierced cities like laces, cities transparent as mosquito netting, cities like leaves’ veins, cities lined like a hand’s palm, filigree cities to be seen through their opaque and fictitious thickness » Italo Calvino.

Konfluentîa is an interactive installation, which consists on imaginary geographical maps created from multiple satellite images of different cities in Romania and Luxembourg.

The installation is situated in both cities – Luxembourg and Sibiu. In this way a virtual space of confluence will emerge.
Every visitor has the opportunity to create new maps, new formations, new passages, making visible imaginary places, intersections and landscapes.

These new creations are mixed up with stuctures from nature like spiderwebs, lines of the hand, honeycombs or corals – creating another kind of confluence between urban and natural structures.

Exposition Aires de conflu(x)ence

Multimedia Center KIBLA

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